Marine Specialty

Gillen Marine Construction offers a wide range of services on and under the water in the Great Lakes area.  Our marine specialty services provide solutions to complex marine projects both large and small.  With more than 100 years of experience working on the Great Lakes there is little that we have not seen or done! 


Towing Services
Salvage & Recovery

Intake Construction
Intake Maintenance
Fireworks & Special Events

Offshore Marine Construction
Diving & Underground Construction
Material Transport

Highlighted Projects

Lake Bluff, Illinois

Debris Removal, Excavate & Salvage Sand, Place New Sand

Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Offshore Intake Maintenance

Winthrop Harbor, Illinois

Dredge Marina

Chicago, Illinois

Dredge Harbor

Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Salvage Backhoe from Water

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Dredge Marina