Salvage Backhoe from Water

Backhoe Salvage

In December of 2014 a backhoe was driven off a bluff in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. The backhoe landed on its side in the water at the toe of the bluff. As a result of our experience in providing solutions to unique marine situations we were hired to retrieve the backhoe from the water. We started by performing a survey sounding of the lake bottom to determine water depth to ensure our tug and barges could safely approach the salvage site. We approached the site with our Tug Kristin J and two barges each loaded with a backhoe. We used the two backhoes to walk the damaged backhoe onto our barge. Extreme care was taken to make sure no fuel spilled into the water. We were able to safely salvage the backhoe from the lake bottom to the relief of all involved.


Oak Creek, Wisconsin

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