Our personnel have successfully completed many of the major breakwaters, docks and revetments on the Great Lakes, and have participated in much of the private and public construction that has changed the face of the city of Milwaukee and created a busy and productive Great Lakes area. Our private beach work has assisted countless individuals in maximizing the use of their lakefront property and protecting their property from the forces of nature. Although our roots are deep in Wisconsin and Illinois, we have undertaken and completed work throughout the Great Lakes states.

Gillen Marine has built a solid reputation for dependable work, timely completion, innovative methods, and cost-effective operations. We have the advantage of being able to perform work from land or water and to access those lakefront jobs with difficult land access. We believe in truly partnering with our clients, to ensure great results.

Our services include constructing earth retention systems, dredging, towing and marine delivery, shoreline and bluff erosion protection, intake work, and construction of a variety of marine structures such as boathouses, dockwalls, cofferdams, groins, jetties, marinas, piers, breakwaters, beaches and many others.