The Scope of Our Services

Gillen Marine Construction LLC offers a wide range of marine construction solutions in the Great Lakes area including custom built beaches with fire pits and seating, stone breakwaters, revetments, bluff stabilization, boat houses, boat ramps, boat lifts and piers. We also offer a variety of marine specialty services such as dredging, towing, salvage and recovery, intake work, offshore marine construction and special events.

Customer Service: Our Top Priority

Over the years, Gillen Marine Construction has built a solid reputation for high quality work, timely completion and innovative methods in marine construction. We work closely and collaboratively with all our customers to create solutions that achieve not only their immediate goals but also bring long term value to their shoreline investment. We invite you to meet with us at an early stage of your project so that we can suggest methods for cutting your costs while still maintaining the highest standards of quality and excellence. Whatever the demands of your marine project, we have the experience, equipment and determination to get it done. Customer service has always been our number one priority and the central focus of our marine operations. We intend to keep it that way.


We never limit ourselves to existing methods. If the necessity arises, we are willing to improvise unique solutions to your marine needs. They may not be conventional solutions, but they will be efficient, practical and workable. Our experience in a wide variety of situations and circumstances has given us a broad base of knowledge in the services we offer.