Shore Protection, Retaining Walls, Boat House & Beachlauncher

Stonegate Lane Bluff and Shoreline Work

This was a big project that entailed both bluff and shore protection. We started by installing wick drains to drain the internal water from the bluff to increase stability. The retaining wall blocks, soil and landscape materials were delivered by us to the site using a tug and barges. One delivery included two barges loaded with full grown trees! We then installed an earth retention system to protect the boat house which was built to house a Beachlauncher. We fabricated and installed a boat dock. On the shoreline we demolished the old seawall to make way for the new shore protection sytem. We drove steel sheeting and installed new quartzite stone to protect the shoreline. To complete the project we installed new sand creating an incredible beach.


Lake Forest, Illinois

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